House Removals tips: Ensuring your items arrive safe

House Removals in Sheffield – Tips of the trade

Moving house is exciting, but often the stress of moving day can catch many by surprise. This series of blogs will help you get your mind set on the various things you can do to make your move stress free. Luckily at Andrews Removals, you and your possessions are in safe hands, but that won’t stop you worrying, that’s why this article gives you a few tips on how you can help ensure your fragile and valuable items arrive safe.

Handle me with care

Whether it’s your antique crockery selection or your everyday plates and dishes, you want to ensure that everything that’s breakable arrives in one piece. The best way to do this is clearly mark every box that has something breakable in it with fragile stickers and by writing handle me with care across it with permanent marker. Although Andrews Removals, will handle all of your items with care, by making it clear that a box contains breakables you can ensure that they will put it down that little bit softer during your house removal. Of course, it won’t only be our trained removals specialists that will be carrying your items during the move, it’s important for your family and friends who will help you unpack to know about breakables.

Leave moving expensive electrical items to the professionals

Andrews Removals have a long line of experience helping a range of families and businesses with their removals in Sheffield, so we know the best way to get any item from A to B. On moving day, excitement can take over and in your haste to arrive at your new home you might try carrying expensive electrical items in a way which can cause them damage – STOP! We know the best way to take anything from fridge freezers to TVs out of your old front door and into your new house in one piece, so leave it to us. We have years of experience carrying all manner of items and we know all the techniques to ensure we do so safely, for both ourselves and for your possessions.

Valuables move with you

You’ll find added peace of mind if you pack your valuables in the same car as you. This can include expensive jewellery and watches or things with sentimental value. Pack them in a secure and well recognisable box and put them in your car boot. If you’re not around on moving day though, don’t panic, let our removals specialists know about the box and we’ll ensure that its safe arrival remains our priority.

Plan where items will go before the lorry arrives

By deciding on your room layouts in your new house we can ensure that your items are taken as close to their desired resting place as they can possibly go. This way it means that when we leave you aren’t likely to break items moving them following your house removal. Things to think about can be TV locations, fragile item locations and configuration of your kitchen – we’ll take care of the rest.

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