How to Choose a Removals Company in Sheffield?

Many people don’t feel positive about moving house, is that you? Choosing a Removals Company in Sheffield can seem like an uphill task. All your favourite items, like technology, books and furniture get packed up and moved to a new location with the hope that everything stays in one piece and nothing gets lost! You wouldn’t be the first person to find moving house overwhelming, from the organising, to the packing as well as hiring vans, insurance and all the unpacking on the other side. It’s an experience most people don’t forget in a hurry.

A simple way to have more peace of mind while moving is not doing everything yourself. You can rally friends and family, which has been more difficult during times of covid-19 and lockdowns or you can simply hire an experienced removals company to support you. By using a removals company you can focus on the logistics of organising keys, lawyers and family members and let the removal people worry about your possessions.

If you’re thinking of moving home soon then carry on reading, we’re discussing how to choose a removals company for your move. Like so many things in life, the more you plan the chaos there will be on moving day.

Removals Company in Sheffield

Choosing a Removals Company in Sheffield

So you’re already planning on moving house and the dread of actually moving is creeping in, this can be even worse if you’ve had a stressful experience in the past. Moving involves organisation and planning so working with a removals company in Sheffield that you trust will definitely put your mind at ease.

Before you even make the choice of removal company it’s a great idea to get a strategy in place and answer questions like:

  • Are you going to reorganise your items and group them in a specific way – like all clothes and all books or are you going to take the room by room approach?
  • Have you recently read The Art of Decluttering and decided you want to only move with the items that bring you joy and resell the rest (time to get on eBay!)
  • Do you even want to do the packing yourself? Or would you rather your removals company do that for you?

Once you’ve thought through a few of these the next bits are quite straightforward. Phew.

What Makes A Good Removal Company?

A good place to start is your priorities for your move, finding a good removals company will save a lot of stress and there are a few things we’d recommend looking out for when searching for options.

Firstly, does the removals company have additional services? This can often indicate a commitment to making moving house stress free because they understand all the different parts involved; disassembly and reassembly the other side, packing, removals, storage (in case you couldn’t bring yourself to declutter) and clearance of unwanted possessions.

Secondly, how flexible are the removals companies? Moving house can often rely on several things happening in the right order at the right time, so a business that can offer that flexibility without stinging you with additional charges is one that stands out from the crowd.

How Far Are You Moving?

Where you are moving from and to can have an impact on the removal process so should be part of your decision making process.

If you are moving from Sheffield or the satellite towns of South Yorkshire (Rotherham, Barnsley Chesterfield, Mansfield etc) then we recommend using Andrew’s Removals for your home move. We have a team who knows the area really well and can pack and move your possessions from one location to another to suit your needs.

Outside of Sheffield and South Yorkshire, other removals companies should still live up to your expectations and should be vetted thoroughly to make sure they can deliver on the day.

Knowing Your Budget

Get an estimate! Getting a rough guide price or a quote before you get started with a removals company will help you get an idea of what your budget is likely to be. It’s often affected by things like – the amount of possessions, how far you are moving and any additional services like temporary storage or packing.

We recommend getting two or three quotes and comparing them, This will show you your likely costs and provide a range to help your decision making. Another thing to check while getting a quote is your insurance – most good removals companies will have this included as standard to protect your things while they’re on the move and being moved by the movers.

So Now You’re Probably Ready To Move!

You’ve identified how you’re organising yourself and what you are taking with you and you have a rough idea of when. Then you’ve rung around removals companies for quotes and comparisons (and if you’re in Sheffield you’ve phoned us!)

With an idea of what removals companies can do to make your life easier on moving day you can now confidently make a choice that suits you. If you have any questions about your move or still aren’t sure where to start then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

What About Storage?

Now that you’ve planned the removal process, let’s talk about storage. If you’re downsizing, moving somewhere temporarily or just have a lot of belongings, storage is the best option for keeping your items close, safe and secure whilst going through the removal process. Move in the important items like furniture or white goods and organise the clutter once you’ve officially moved in.

We haven’t mentioned yet, but we actually own a storage company ourselves. It’s secure, safe and most importantly, you will receive a free week if you use our removal services at the same time. Sign up for the offer today and gain an extra week of stress-free storage when you go through the removal process.