Moving Home With Children

Moving home with children

Moving is stressful at the best of times but trying to move house with the kids in tow can be added pressure. 

Here are our top 10 tips for making the move an easy one for all the family.


  1. Prepare your kids for what to expect.Young children may not have a clear understanding of what the term “moving” really means so take your time and explain to them exactly what will happen so that they are not shocked when their room starts to be packed up.
  2. Prepare a special bag of toys and activities. A small backpack or overnight bag that your children can keep with them throughout the entire move is one way to ensure that your children are kept entertained. They can keep special items like dolls, books, or blankets in this bag which can be reassuring for them during the upheaval of moving home.
  3. Pack one box of toys last.  Your children will need to have toys to play with right up to moving day so don’t make the mistake of packing all the toys up first because you’ll be left with bored children.
  4. Label boxes of kids’ stuff very clearly. The last thing you will want is to find yourself digging through boxes looking for the one toy that they absolutely have to play with right now.  Make life easier for yourself; when labelling put as much detail about the contents on box as you can because with everything you will have on your mind you won’t remember.
  5. Find childcare.If you can find babysitters use them! You will get a lot more done if you can find a few kid-free hours. Ask grandparents and friends if they could help out.  If you can’t find childcare, organise activities that will keep your little ones entertained while you work. Their favourite DVD, a colouring book or a craft box can help to keep kids busy.
  6. Turn it into an adventure.Moving house can disrupt your child’s normal routine so turn the whole move into an adventure and allow your children do things you normally wouldn’t. Such as staying up late or having additional treats you don’t normally allow.
  7. Keep extra clothes handy.Kids get messy. So keep a supply of extra clothes close at hand during your move as you never know when you may need them.
  8. A new home is exciting. Explain to your children that they will make new friends.  Go out for a walk and explore your new community you never know what new and exciting things you will find to do.
  9. Don’t be in a hurry to unpack. Take your time and unpack what you need slowly and gradually starting with the essentials otherwise you could end up surrounded by clutter which will only make the un-packing process more stressful especially with children running around.
  10.  Keep your empty packing boxes.Once you’ve unpacked, you will be able to keep your children entertained for hours by letting them loose with the empty boxes. They will love making tunnels, space ships and boats!


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