Removal quotations… Where to start!

Getting a quote. How it works? Where to start?

Removal quotations

For most people moving home is something they do rarely so when it comes to making plans they don’t know how to go about getting decent Removal quotations.
The first step in the removal process is to give us a call or fill in a form on our website. It’s never too early! Once initial contact has been made our experienced staff will be able to discuss your specific needs and offer you one of two options. An hourly rate or a fixed price quotation.

You can request your survey at any time in the lead up to your move, you don’t even have to wait until you have a moving date. We recommend getting your quotes sooner rather than later.
During the call you will be asked questions so we can establish the type of removal you require; we do this in order to determine an accurate cost for your removal. We need to consider the number of staff required, the size of vehicle, packing materials and access.

Here are a few questions you will be asked when getting removal quotations:

Are you staying local or embarking on a move Nationally? If you are moving within the local area we usually recommend an hourly rate. If you are relocating to Scotland this requires more planning so we would recommend booking a rep visit for a free no obligation quote.

What size is your current property? Anything from a 1-3 bed property we usually can quote on the hourly rate basis BUT anything larger would require a visit to determine the size of the vehicle and also number of men needed on the day.

Are there any access issues? This could be anything from bus stops, double yellow lines, a school, steps up to the property, no parking, narrow roads etc the list could go on. This is a vital question as the last thing we want on removal day is for us not to be able to get your vehicle near or to cause a hazard. If there are any issues we will arrange for a rep to come and look; when it comes to moving home, no one wants any surprises on the day!!

Do you require a packing service? Most removals that request packing service is quoted following a visit from our quotation rep; this allows us to provide a quote for packing and also removal.

Do you require a dismantling and reassembly service? If this is a service you require we find it is best to assess what needs to be done prior to the removal date. It means we can come prepared with the correct equipment and that there are no surprises.

With all this information to hand it allows us to provide you with an accurate quotation tailored to your specific needs.

If you are in the process of selling your property and looking for quotations, Andrews Removals in Sheffield are here to help talk you through the whole process.