Sheffield Removals Tips: Don’t injure your back during your house removal

Removals Tips

Don’t let your house removals in Chesterfield and South Yorkshire cause you injury

When it comes to moving house there are a number of reasons why using a Sheffield or Chesterfield removals company is a good idea, not least of all the time saved by utilising a heavy goods vehicle to transport a lifetimes worth of belongings from A to B. However, it might not just be time that you’re saving by using a removals company, you might save your back from injury.

That said, come moving day you’ll no doubt be moving boxes around your house before and after your Andrews Removals’ van turns up to take charge. That’s why this safe lifting guide is essential to ensure you don’t do your body harm on moving day.

Safe lifting during your house removal in Chesterfield and South Yorkshire

Take note of these considerations and bare them in mind as you approach your house removal.

Plan your journey

Where is the box your trying to lift going? What obstacles are in the way? Are you wearing the correct footwear? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself before you pick up your box and clearing a safe path and wearing non-slip footwear is essential before you move your load to prevent trips or falls.


There are a number of things to remember when it comes to lifting technique, if you follow these you should be safe from strains:

  • Keep your load as close to your waist as possible;
  • Keep your back straight and your head up when lifting, bending mainly from the knees;
  • Don’t twist when carrying heavy loads, this will put pressure on your sides; and
  • Move smoothly, any quick movements will only increase the risk of muscle damage


Make sure that you can hold your load firmly and that it won’t slip when you begin carrying it, this is essential to protect your toes, legs and others around you.

Know your limits

We all want to be a hero and we can get carried away with the excitement of moving, but there’s no point moving heavy items if it’s going to mean the first two weeks in your new house are spent letting your back recover. Leave it to the professionals. Here at Andrews Removals, we’ve moved everything from pianos, to heavy machinery to expensive bone china so let us take the load.

For house removals in Chesterfield and South Yorkshire, choose Andrews Removals. Call 0114 299 4817 or email [email protected] for a quote and to discuss your house removals needs.