Sheffield removals tips – moving with children

Moving With Children Sheffield
The stresses of moving house will inevitably be made greater if you’re moving with children. Luckily Andrews Removals in Sheffield have a few tips that will make life easier for you and your little ones on moving day.

These tips will help you plan your move whilst keeping your children happy

The stresses of moving house will inevitably be made greater if you’re moving with children. Luckily Andrews Removals in Sheffield have a few tips that will make life easier for you and your little ones on moving day. From good preparation to arranging a moving time when they’re not around, here are just a few ideas to make the occasion easier.

Before the move

Whether you’re moving two streets away or 2,000 miles away there are a number of things that you can do to prepare your children to the idea of moving.

Give them plenty of warning

Many parents will often delay the inevitable when it comes to letting their children know about a house move, but this will only make life more stressful come moving day. If you want them to adjust to their new surroundings straight away you should keep them in the loop from the day you decide that you want to move. You don’t need to tell them everything, but slowly adjusting them to the idea will help.

Find the positives

Your children might be worried about a range of things before they move, from making new friends to the size of their garden. You can alleviate their worries by finding the positives of the house move. These positives all depend on where you’re moving to, but replying to each of their concerns with something encouraging about their new home will help them adjust to the idea of moving.

Planning the day

Moving day can be stressful enough without having to factor in the needs of your children, but if they’re not ready for the move then neither will you be. Andrews Removals in Sheffield think these tips will help.

Plan the day around them… if possible

This might not always be possible, but you should always try and plan the day around them. If you’re moving local then arranging the move while they’re at school can be handy – just keep track of time so that you pick them up from school! If you’ve chosen a move at the weekend or in the school holidays then try and find a relative or one of their friends that you can leave them with at least until the stressful bit is over with.

Pay them some attention

It might be hard to give your children the attention they expect when you’re trying to manage your house removals in Sheffield, but it will help keep them cool. They’ll probably be doing a fair bit of whining, so trying to reassure them that it will all be ok in a while will help.

Keep them busy

Depending what age your children are it can often be a good idea to keep them busy and they can often be a help rather than a hindrance. Depending how organised your boxes are you could let them start unpacking items that you know will be safe for them.

Bring in extra assistance for young children

If you have young children you’ll need any extra help you can get. They may need feeding and you can probably expect a fair bit of crying so any extra hands will help you keep an eye on young babies. It’s also worth taking things a little slower if you have really young children – don’t try to unpack everything in one day!

Settling in

Once your Sheffield removals company has done its bit it’s time for you to settle your family into their new home. These tips should help.

Explore the positives

If you’ve been telling your children about the positives of your new house you’ll now need to explore these with them. Finding their new playground or having a kick about with a football on their new garden will help. You should also encourage them to make friends with children nearby, but only under your supervision until you get to know them better.

Make their room a priority

Prioritising your children’s room should be a key for your removals in Sheffield. Make sure you clearly label their toys and if they have a games console set this up as soon as possible. This will keep them occupied whilst you can begin fixing up the rest of the house.

Bring your old routines to your new house

A good way to help children adjust to their new surroundings and potential new way of life can be to keep old routines in their new surroundings from day one. If you always read to your children before bed then moving day should be no different, the small details can go a long way to help children settle in quick.

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