Removals Tips: Unpacking After Your House Move

Sheffield Removals Tips

So you’ve just moved house. You’ve paid the removals company and as far as a quick box count goes all of your possessions have arrived safely. You’re probably feeling quite pleased with yourself. Unfortunately though you’re only half way there. You’ve got a mountain of unpacking to do and, other than a few room labelled boxes, you don’t know where anything is. Hopefully these removals tips should help make life a little easier for you in your new home.

Clean Your New House

With all of your items in boxes and most of the floor space clear now is a great chance to give your new house the proper clean that it will probably need. Clean the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom, and the skirting boards and hoover all of the carpets to make your new house feel as fresh as possible. With this in mind it’s worth clearly labelling your cleaning detergents box before you move.

Unpack the Essentials

Clearly labelling the essentials is important when packing, because when it comes to unpacking you’re going to need them. Things like toilet roll, toothpaste, soap and bedding will all be needed before your boxes are fully unpacked so keep them in a handy place.

Arrange the Furniture – or tell your Sheffield Removals company to do it for you

If you know where the big items are going, such as your bed, your sofas and your wardrobes it’s worth telling your removals company what room you want them in. Moving heavy items is best left to the professionals, but if you must do it yourself then doing it early is the best time. Once you begin unpacking smaller items it’s important that they have somewhere to be kept such as in cupboards or wardrobes.

Fill the Rooms

Now that your large items are in place, it’s time to unpack the things that go in them. Clothes can go in wardrobes, TVs can go on their stands and pots and pans can go in the cupboards. It’s recommended that you clearly label each box so that you know what goes where before you begin unpacking.

Make it Home

Now that you’re unpacked it’s time to make the house your home. Any personal items and wall decorations such as photographs and paintings can be hung up and displayed. You can also start to rearrange the furniture as you get acquainted to your new surroundings and work out what works best for the layout of each room.

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