Student Removals in Sheffield

Student Removals Sheffield

A few considerations before your move

One thing is for certain, moving to university is an experience you won’t forget. It’s often the chance to experience a new city, meet a new bunch of people and most importantly it’s the first time you’ll gain real independence. However, before you even get to the exciting stuff you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared for your big move.

Have you got everything you need for your move?

No matter what city you’re moving to you’ll be able to replace items that you’ve left at home in your nearest department store, but it’s a sure fire way to save that student loan by ensuring that you arrive well prepared.

Check with your new property what kitchen goods you need. Often you’ll have to buy a kettle or a toaster. Most student properties don’t have a TV and introducing one is a great way to spend communal time together with your new flat mates.

Other items that you need to think about are your laptop or computer and all of the fittings you need to ensure it works. When it comes to packing your clothes, you need to remember that you’ll be in your new city during Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer so both light and warm clothes are essential. You might also want to take part in sports when you arrive in your new city and bringing your sports equipment is something to consider.

Transport in and around your new city

Driving a car at university can be a cost that you don’t need so the chances are you’ll be taking public transport around the city. However, if you’ve got a bike at home, bringing it with you might save you some money whilst it can also be an effective way to stay fit in between all that partying.

Security First – student removals in Sheffield

When you arrive in your new town make sure your new residency has a good lock on the door and ensure you know how to lock it. If you have access to any outside windows, work out how to open and close them and make sure you keep it locked when it’s unoccupied.

When living in your new property you might want to purchase contents insurance as an extra safety blanket. Any valuable items should be either hidden from view when you leave your room unattended or kept in a secure place, whilst bicycles should be kept on a chain at all times.

Choose Andrews Removals in Sheffield

Now that you’ve had these few tips on moving to university, hopefully you’ll be able to focus on the fun stuff ahead. However, if you’ve got too much stuff to move then Andrews Removals can take the load. Whether you need long distance removals in Sheffield or to Sheffield, we have the experience and the vehicles to make your move as stress free as possible. Contact us for your quote today on 0114 299 4838.