Top 5 Tips for House Removals in Sheffield

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Andrews Removals Have Got Your Steel City Move Covered

If you’re reading this then the chances are you’re already aware that Sheffield is “reyt good”. The city is home to the legendary Meadowhall shopping centre and two excellent universities, whilst it has a brilliantly diverse nightlife and proud sporting culture.

Indeed, many famous names call Sheffield home, including music icons Arctic Monkeys and Pulp, Hollywood star Sean Bean, and Olympic golden girl Jess Ennis-Hill to name but a few. Yet, when it comes to moving house there are a few quirks that you should consider to make your move run as smooth as possible.

1. Avoid the football grounds on moving day

With many people working during the week, Saturday is the most popular day to move house. However, depending where in Sheffield you’re moving to, you might have to take into account the city’s sporting schedule when planning your removals in Sheffield.

In the Hillsborough area of town both Penistone Road and Hillsborough town centre are no fly zones on a match day and could really hit your moving plans hard both before kick-off and after full-time. Whilst in the red and white half of the city many of the main roads around the city centre can add as long as an hour on to your journey at the wrong time.

Other sporting fixtures which can make moving house almost impossible include the Sheffield half marathon and 10k runs. The city also hosts a variety of cycling events which closes multiple roads in and around the city centre.

2. Remember the hills

It’s common knowledge that Sheffield was built upon seven hills. Although this doesn’t have as much significance in modern times it can still cause problems for your moving day. Moving to hilly areas at frosty or snowy periods can be tricky and for that reason it’s worth taking a number of precautions and checking access routes ahead of your move.

If your current or future houses are situated on steep hills, gritting the road the morning before the move can be advisable for safety reasons. Although Andrews Removals are well experienced in moving in all conditions around the hills of Sheffield, it’s worth letting us know if you live in any hilly or tricky areas of the city.

3. Student removals in Sheffield – make security your priority

If you’re a student moving to Sheffield then you should make security your priority. This is even more important if you’re leaving the house uninhabited for a long time during the summer. Traditional student areas in the city, including Ecclesall Road and Broomhill are notorious for burglaries.

There are many reasons for criminals targeting student houses. One reason for this could be that students love gadgets that can be easily stolen such as laptops, iPads, games consoles and mobile phones. The other reason is that students have in the past been known to have a chilled out approach to securing their houses – don’t let this be you!

Double locks on doors from the inside are important for personal safety and you should ensure your door shuts and locks properly when moving in. It’s also important that you set the burglar alarm if you have one and keep valuables out of view from potential criminals. There is more advice on moving to Sheffield in this Sheffield student removals blog.

4. City centre parking

From Broomhill to Heeley or from Nether Edge to Kelham Island, parking is something that you need to consider before moving day. Permit holder only parking is in place in various areas of the city, whilst in other areas busy roads might make life tough come moving day.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that parking doesn’t halt your move, including arranging parking permits prior to moving or requesting that your current neighbours leave bollards in the street. If there are any parking restrictions it’s important that you let your removals company know about it before the big day.

5. Choose Andrews Removals in Sheffield

With a long line of experience in moving people across Sheffield and South Yorkshire and a fleet of vehicles suitable for all kinds of house removal Andrews Removals are the best company to oversee your house move. For a free no obligation quote contact us on 0114 299 4838 or fill out our contact form today.